Eat Spinach! (More Green Recipes)

I know I've promised to do some research on a spinach and to come up with some original spinach recipe.

Actually I've found plenty of healthy spinach recipes, please take a look at these 5 I liked the most.

Healthy Spinach Recipes

1. Garlic Spinach

This is a delicious recipe for garlic spinach. It's a great way of using up a glut of spinach and works well with baby spinach leaves or even winter spinach. Continue >>

2. Fillet of Sole with Spinach & Tomatoes

Fish, spinach, tomatoes and garlic combine classically in a quick, delicious supper. Serve with steamed new potatoes and a glass of white wine. Continue >>

3. Spinach and Yogurt Dip

Absolutely delicious spinach and yogurt dip. Can be served plain or with pita or any other of your favorite bread. Continue >>

4. Spinach and Beans

This easy recipe uses fresh, in-season spinach, lightly cooked with beans of your choice. It works well with butterbeans, cannelloni beans or even black-eyed beans or chick peas. Continue >>

5. Spinach Salad with Goat Cheese and Walnuts

Refreshing spinach salad with goat cheese, walnuts and onions mixed together for a successful summer combination. Continue >>

Find more spinach recipes at:
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Green Monday - Spring Asparagus with Lemon

Another green recipe for your colorful and healthy diet comes from Chef John's video recipe blog which is highly recommended to all of you who love food and fun (fits me perfectly)!

Spring Asparagus Recipe

Chef John's recipes are yummy, flavored with his great sense of humor. I liked this one: Pan-seared Spring Asparagus with Lemon, Balsamic and Parmesan but there are plenty of other great dishes inside. Worth giving a try!

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Green Monday - Easy & Healthy Avocado Recipe

Is your diet boring and exhausting you? It shouldn't be! Let's add some color to your diet!

Guacamole Avocado RecipeContinuing talking about green vegetables and their health benefits, I'd like to share with you my favorite quick and healthy avocado recipe. Remember that about 75% of an avocado's calories come from fat (the good one but still...) So don't overdose and everything will be fine.

The best and actually the only commonly used avocado recipe is a Guacamole. Many others are just different variations of this great recipe. It can be called "Avocado Dip", "Avocado Salad", "Avocado Relish" and even "Avosalsa" :)

Of Aztec origin, Guacamole was originally made by mashing ripe avocados, with a molcajete (mortar and pestle) and adding tomatoes and salt.
To this basic recipe I usually add a minced onion, some lemon juice and olive oil. To make your meal a bit more nutritious use also boiled eggs (also finely chopped). Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and serve with dark (full-grain wheat) bread. Your 100% healthy avocado snack is ready.

If you're going to make Guacamole to feed your baby, please have a look at this recipe.

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Green Monday - Broccoli Gratin

As promised, here's The Best Broccoli Recipe ever! And I mean it cause I tried plenty of them.
This one is my favourite, it's both delicious and healthy.
The great thing about this recipe is that it's kind of universal as you can easily replace some ingredient with other if you want to make your gratin more dietetic or just don't have some specific ingredient ready at hand.
And of course it's easy to make. I don't like sophisticated recipes that much :)
Let's start with the basics.
750 g broccoli (cut in florets)
500 g soft white cheese/sour cream
2 onions (thinly sliced)
3 eggs
3 tbs flour
1/4 cup Parmesan cheese (grated)
3 tbs butter

Step 1: Preheat the oven to 180-200°C (350-400°F).
Step 2: Cook the broccoli in salted water. You can use these tips on cooking broccoli. Then drain well and arrange in a lightly buttered baking pan.
Step 3: In a small frying pan, saute the onions in 2 tablespoons of butter until fragrant.
Step 4: In a separate bowl, combine the white cheese/sour cream, the eggs, the flour and stir until smooth.
Step 5: Pour the cheese sauce into the baking pan (over the broccoli) and sprinkle with the Parmesan cheese. Bake until the top is golden.

Now here are some of the finer points:

1. How to turn this recipe into more dietetic?
Just choose the low fat white cheese. It works perfectly for this gratin! You may also decide to get rid of that Parmesan topping because of the extra fat. That's ok with me too, but keep in mind that these really few additional calories worth the fine taste.

2. How to diversify the Broccoli Gratin?
Now this is the fun part as you may play with this recipe to your heart's content.
What I usually do:
- Use different kinds of white cheese (feta cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, sour cream) and mix them all together.
- Add some other veggies to broccoli. A marrow, a pumpkin and a potato are the best matches. Boil other vegetables together with broccoli (step 2). Don't forget that to some veggies it takes more time to get cooked than to the others.
- Mushrooms! Champignons, portobello, porcino - whatever you like - dramatically upgrade this recipe. Cut mushrooms in slices and mix with the onions (Step 3). Add some butter or water, if necessary.

3. How to make this Gratin more spicy?
That's very easy: add some garlic (1-2 minced cloves) to the onions and fry them together (see Step 3). If that's not spicy enough for you, add a hot pepper :)

4. Is this recipe good for kids?
Yes, it is. Though you'd better not make the Gratin too spicy and try to use natural, healthy products.

That's all, nothing complicated but really delicious and healthy dish.

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