How To Cook Broccoli Properly

Here are some tips on cooking broccoli from Allrecipes

Pick the Perfect Floret

What to look for when shopping for broccoli:

The best broccoli will have dark green tops with lighter green stems.
Buds should be tightly closed, with no mushy spots or signs of yellowing.
The stalks should feel firm and crisp, never limp or wobbly.

Cook it, Cook it Good

Perfectly cooked broccoli is an appetizing bright green with a mild, pleasant flavor and a tender but firm texture. To avoid overcooking, uncover once it’s done and serve right away. You can also plunge it into an ice bath to stop the cooking - this will preserve the color, flavor, and nutrients.

And here's one more so you never say broccoli is boring! :)

How To Properly Prepare Broccoli

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