How to Stop Sweet Cravings and to Lose Weight (Fun Way)

No, it's not another "drink more water" advice. I know it doesn't work, just like many other popular diet tips and tricks. Been there, done that.

Coffee helps to fight chocolate cravings

Do you love coffee? Who doesn't! I usually drink 1-2 cups a day. I don't put sugar in my coffee and drink it unsweetened hoping that this little sacrifice helps me in my weight struggle. And if you're a chocoholic like me, you know how difficult this struggle can be when you're trying to eat only healthy food.

After reading this article in National Geographic I thought that my "chocoholism" may actually be a form of "caffeine mania" plus craving for sweet. So I decided to make an experiment. When I felt like eating some chocolate (and when I say "some chocolate" I don't mean 1-2 cubes), I made myself a cup of coffee with one-half teaspoon honey (I also add milk). To my surprise, it worked! That evening I didn't have any more cravings. The same thing happened next day. Today is the day 3 and I don't want any sweets at all, so coffee is not needed.

It doesn't mean that I consume more caffeine now - I just move my daily cup of joe to the hour when I need it the most.

Yes, it's not healthy in the same way as drinking carrot juice or eating apples. But can carrot juice or apples reduce one's appetite and stop cravings? No, they actually do the opposite. So I choose drinking coffee instead of stuffing myself with sweets.

And what about the calories? Let's check it out:

Cup of coffee with milk contains about 16 calories.
White sugar (1 tsp) - 15
Honey - 20
Brown sugar - 15
We get 35-40 calories per cup!

Comparing to calories in chocolate (100 g):
Milk chocolate: 588
Dark chocolate: 544

What will you choose?

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