Add Color To Your Diet!

If you're trying to eat healthy and loose some weight, you've probably been thinking that it's limiting, boring, exhausting - you name it. I suggest stop suffering and start to make fun. Let's turn a diet into a game. How?

The idea is to label every day with a color. Let's say Sunday will be a Red Day, Monday will be Green, Tuesday - Orange, etc.

Add Color To Your Diet!

Here are some colorful recipes for every day of a week. And let's enjoy a healthy food!

Red Sunday:

Red Sunday - Royal Fruit Salad
Red Sunday - Italian Style Tomato Pasta
Red Sunday - Russian Borscht

Green Monday:

Green Monday - Broccoli Gratin
Green Monday - Easy & Healthy Avocado Recipe
Green Monday - Spring Asparagus with Lemon
Eat Spinach! More Green Recipes

Black Tuesday:

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Beauty Salad - Russian Women Ultimate Morning Snack

Here's one of the Russian women's beauty secrets - the Beauty Salad - the most healthy breakfast you can ever think of. It's called the Beauty Salad because it's good not only for your weight but also for your skin! And it is really easy to prepare.

Beauty SaladAll you need for the Beauty Salad is:
* 1/2 glass of oatmeal
* 1 apple (preferably green)
* some peeled walnuts
* 1 teaspoon of honey

The night before you're going to have your Beauty Breakfast, cover the oatmeal with 1/2 glass of cold water. The next morning grater an apple into the bowl with the oatmeal, add walnuts and honey and mix it all together. That's the basics.

If it seems a little bit boring to you or if you're having this snack every morning and want some change, you may want to try adding some new flavors into the salad. I'm a big fan of strawberry, so I often add it to my Beauty Breakfast. You can also add some lemon juice, kiwi, banana and any other fruit you like.

There's also a possibility to use 1/2 glass of kefir (which is actually kind of plain natural yogurt with no flavorings) but it's a matter of taste.

That's all - try it out and enjoy your personal Beauty Salad!

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Hello! My name is Emma and I want to share with you some of my personal tips on diet and healthy eating. They work for me so they'll certainly work for you too. Want to know how diet can be fun and easy? Then let's get started!
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